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August 2022 


8am – 10am     Weekday Breakfast *L@H* 

11am – 12pm   Sunny Sessions with Jon Andrews *PR* 

12pm – 2pm     Stewart Graham  *1* 

2pm – 3pm      A Moment in History (8th, 22nd*B*  

3pm – 5pm      Carol For Now  *1*

5pm – 7pm      Amber and Alexa’s Monday Evening Show  *B*

7pm – 9pm       Eclectic Avenues (8th, 15th)    *1* 

9pm – 10pm     Sunny Sessions Extra  (1st) *B* 

                            Punkified with Chris Stagg (8th)  *PR* 

                         Whole Lotta Southern Comfort (15th) *P

                         Ciara’s Pink Sparkle Podcast (22nd) *PR* 


8am – 10am   Weekday Breakfast   *L@H* 

1pm – 3pm    Reflections with Mike Sharp (9th) *B* 

7pm – 9pm     The Hollie Would Show with Hollie Sturgess  *1* 

9pm – 10pm   Chris Stagg’s Landmark Birthday Party (16th)



8am – 10am   Weekday Breakfast (no show 17th)    *L@H* 

11am – 1pm     Cosmic Variety  *1*

5pm – 7pm     Take It Easy with David Smith   *1* 

7pm –9pm    Doug’s Show  *B*  



8am – 10am      Weekday Breakfast    *L@H* 

11am – 12pm   Sunny Sessions  with Jon Andrews  *PR* 

5pm – 7pm        Josh on SHCR  (4th) *1* 

                          Rock Cocktail Club (11th) *1* 

                            Bellery Does (18th) *PR*

                            The PreEvening Show with Csanád Kiss (25th) *L@H*

7pm – 9pm      Soul Shack with Mark B (18th)   *B* 

9pm – 12am      The Midweek Crisis Show with Chris Stretch     *1* 



8am – 10am     Weekday Breakfast (no show 19th)     *L@H* 

12pm – 2pm     EDM Central with DJ Azza   *B* 

3pm – 5pm      It’s That Friday Feeling      *PR* *Studio B on the 15th*

5pm – 7pm       White Label with Christian Braid   *1* 

7pm – 9pm       Club Culture with Simon K    *L@H *22nd/29th*   *PR 1st/8th/15th*

9pm – 11pm     Late Night EDM with DJ Automix   *PR* 



9am – 11am    Saturday Breakfast   *L@H* 

11am – 1pm    Middle Aged Spread (6th)

3pm – 6pm      Surrey Hills Sports with Mark B (6th, 27th)     *L@H* 

6pm – 8pm      The Surrey Folk Show  with David Shires (13th)  *PR* 

                           50 Shades of Rock  with Mike Edwards (20th) *B*  

                           Shades of Blue  with Andrew Macbeth (27th) *B*                            



8am – 10am      Sunday Morning Breakfast Show   *L@H* 

10am – 12pm      Surrey Chills (14th, 28th) *PR* 10

2pm – 4pm        TRANSMISSION [local]   (14th)  *PR* 

                           TRANSMISSION [jukebox] (21st) *B*                            

                           TRANSMISSION [country] (28th)  *PR*                         

6pm – 8pm        Sunday Selection   *1* 

8pm – 10pm     In Concert with Chris Stagg (7th)  *B*

                            Cymah Says  (14th)

10pm –12am      TRANSMISSION Jukebox   *Rotation*