What are the latest scams in Surrey? We found out with Linda from Trading Standards

Linda the Vulnerabilities Officer from Trading Standards came to talk to use on the latest SCAMS that are going on in Surrey and what we all need to be aware of!!
Linda explained that we can all be vulnerable at sometime in our lives and the SCAMMERS target people who are lonely, just bereaved, getting over an illness or might be targeted because they have money.
Types of SCAMS:-
Cold Calling and Nottingham Knockers are really prevalent in certain parts of Surrey and Rogue Traders will knock on doors saying that there are loose roof tiles or offer to do gardening. They are trying to find out information about you or commit a distraction burglary. All Cold calling should be reported to Trading Standards on  03454 04 05 06.
Scams Mail that says;-
  • You have won a lottery, sweepstake or competition… but you have to send money
  • Money you have won is being held in a holding company… but you have to send money
  • Somebody has left you an inheritance… but you have to send money
  • A clairvoyant can stop bad luck or direct good luck towards you… but you have to send money
  • There is a “secret” deal which will make you rich… but you have to send money

Romance Scams

Telephone Calls
If you think someone might be trying to scam you, don’t:
  • give them any personal information, like bank details, computer passwords or PIN numbers
  • reply to their email or click on any links
  • download any attachments or files in emails
  • send them any money or buy anything
  • ring any numbers in emails or letters you receive
  • let them into your house if they’re at your door

WE played some music, we ate some cake and we were SCAM free!!!!

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