The Wellbeing Show – Human Givens

Written by Fiona Doran-Smith 

The Wellbeing Show | 4th Sunday of the month 9-11pm
My pre-Christmas show focus was on the emotional and psychological side of wellbeing and explored a fairly new model in Psychology; Human Givens. My guest on this show was my good friend and business partner Hannah Jackson.

Hannah trained as an actress who worked in the theatre as an actor and singer for 20 years.  She also ran her own theatre company and has used her theatre skills in business as a role-player and facilitator.
Hannah is also my business partner – together we run Yellow Tree wellbeing which provides away days and retreats for businesses.
Hannah qualified as a Human Givens Psychotherapist in 2014 and now she uses her life, theatre and business experience to help empower her clients of all ages using the Human Givens model for good emotional health and wellbeing.

The “givens” refers to our needs, such as a need for security or control and our resources such as our imagination. Hannah spoke about how to be mentally and emotionally healthy by making sure our basic needs are met through appropriate use of our innate resources. It is about having a balance in our lives. It’s a simple and practical tool that’s easy to apply. Hannah shared with us some very practical, common sense, but not commonly practised, tips! These tips were especially focused on staying mentally and emotionally healthy at Christmas time.

Manage your expectations; stop striving for perfection whether that’s the perfect food, the perfect party or the perfect family. Enjoy the process and the journey – it’s not about the destination.
Check in with your needs regularly – are you getting you needs met? If not, how can you work on that?
Breathe! This is Hannah’s top tip for staying calm. Try the 3/5 (in for a count of 3 and out for 5) or 7/11 technique, making sure that you breathe out for longer than you breathe in. This out breathe stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system, our relaxation response in our bodies.
Connect with people; reach out to neighbours or someone you know who’s alone. Random acts of kindness have been proven to make us feel better and raise our own self-esteem.

Human Givens is a powerful and impactful model that can help people overcome anxiety, depression and trauma but it can also be applied as a practical tool on a daily basis. By being aware of what our needs are, how they are balanced and utilising our resources to get them met we can be emotionally and mentally healthy and happy. We can feel good!


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