UkeJam entertain us on Saturday Breakfast

Written by Georgia

UkeJam are a ukulele group based at the Britannia in Guildford who have been running for approximately seven years and cater for many different age groups.

They performed on our Saturday Breakfast Show on the 18th November. The group both perform and also teach others the ukulele. The group have recently been working with the charity Halow Project in Guildford for children with learning difficulties or learning issues. They taught the children how to play the ukulele and they hosted a disco. All of the group had an amazing time, thought it was inspiring to meet the children and were in awe of the children and how giving they were.

Join them for the Friday Night Pub Sing-and-Play-Along!
When: Friday 24th November 2017
Venue: The Compassess Inn, Gomshall
Time: 8.30pm
A FREE fundraising event!

Listen again here to the interview:


They have also created easy arrangements of songs so that everyone can learn how to play the ukulele. One of their main aims is for people to enjoy the magic of listening to live music and they do this by taking pop songs and turning them into folk music. All of their gigs are a real enjoyment and sometimes it is almost like karaoke as they have sometimes even received requests! Not only do Uke Jam provide fabulous music but other bands have been formed through their sessions and these bands have performed many gigs as well. Uke Jam is a great way to bring people together and a simple way to have fun.