The Godalming Writers’ Group are back with their second volume of the Godalming Tales

By Imogen Bole
Sundays, 12noon – 2pm

This week, David Lowther and Pauline North joined me in the studio to talk about the Godalming Writers’ Group and their latest publication, Godalming Tales: Volume 2.

David and Pauline told me all about the group: what they get up to; what their meetings consist of; how to join if you’re interested; upcoming plans and events; and how they came to be part of the group.

We spoke about their methods of writing, the infamous ‘writer’s block’, where they source their inspiration for a story and how they’ve developed their techniques.

We then focused on the group’s second book of tales, Godalming Tales: Volume 2. The book is available in both Ebook format and in paperback and there are just over 30 stories in this book, with ten writers contributing. David and Pauline shared some of their favourite tales, we talked about the book’s other contributors, and they reveal some of the tales’ unique connections to Godalming.

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