Surrey Hills Community Radio – July 2020 Round Up

So July 2020 just happened in a flash!

Our top numbers this month include:

12 presenters back in the studio safely

2 more presenters recording or broadcasting from home

6 interviews conducted and aired

4 businesses supported through on air adverts

Over 50 new tracks played on the station

1 outdoor broadcast

Back in the studio

Our priority was to get those presenters who could not record a show from home back in the studio pronto.

We welcomed back the airing of the Colly D Show, EDM Central, Take It Easy, Mid Week Crisis Show, Surrey Hills Soul Train, The Dave & Cathy Show, Rock Cocktail Club, Sunday Morning Madness, TRANSMISSION, Chris and Company, In Concert, Punkified and of course 50 Shades of Rock.

In addition Rock the Block and Mike’s Breakfast Show have been set up to work from home.

We also took the studio out and about as we joined the Sunday Morning Breakfast crew on their UK mini break.

Nattering on air

As a group we love playing music. We also love chatting to those who create the music we play.

From punk to pop, and a touch of soul our interesting guests always add to our on air content. Jesse Guise talked the ins and outs of the music business, Rozella of 90s fame talked to us about meeting Al Pacino, whilst Punk Cover Moose shared his love of being creative with Punk genre.

Plus American Candace Woodson took the Soul Train to drop off her new single.

We also got to know Oskar a little better with a spotlight piece on his influences on creating our popular Icelandic show, Plötuspilarinn.

Helping local business

We had some fun scripting and recording adverts with Deep Clean Devils, Olivia’s Closet, Mouse Literate and our favourite Kall Kwik Leatherhead. We were all hoping for the best bloopers from JP from Kall Kwik but he was professional through and through!

In support with the Mole Valley Chamber of Commerce, Mouse Literate founder Clare shared her insight as a local business on the current reliance on IT systems and how her company can coach individuals to gain confidence to get to grips with IT.

A new music hub

No playlist is prescribed to any of our presenters which sets the stage for very inventive radio shows. Presenters discover new music all the time and have the freedom to share it on air. We have easily played well over 50 new tracks covering many genres of music.

We are thankful for the support of all our presenters who have made this happen.