In Concert with Chris Stagg (1st Sunday) / Treading the Boards (2nd Sunday) / 50 Shades of Rock 3rd Sunday) / The Wellbeing Show (4th Sunday)

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  • Acoustic
  • Live recordings
  • Rock

In concert with Chris Stagg (1st Sunday of the month)


Host: Chris Stagg

I’ve always preferred – and therefore collected – live/concert albums/singles to studio recordings. Songs are often performed differently, or for longer, or unexpected cover versions, all in a concert setting.
So this show is my chance to play my record/tape/cd/download collection and talk about it! And to have some great guests join me from time to time. It’s a privilege to do. And I love it!

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Treading the Boards (2nd Sunday of the month)

Host: Tony Martin

Playing the best acts to appear on the big stage







50 Shades of Rock (3rd Sunday of the month)

Host: Mike Edwards

I have been buying and playing music since the 1960s. My music will cover the acoustic country blues of the 1920s through to the urban electric blues and R&B of the 1950s and onwards including Country, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll and American folk, Americana and Alternative Country.  English folk music also features and don’t be surprised to hear some reggae,ska  and even classical music thrown into the mix. Overarching everything will be American and British mainstream rock or indie.

My most recent playlists have included Elmore James, Steve Earle, The Drive By Truckers, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Muse, George Thorogood, Joni Mitchell, Depeche Mode, Little Richard, Nick Drake, The Doors, Cat Power and a whole host of others.

Tune in. It really is all about the music.

The Wellbeing Show (4th Sunday of the Month)

Host: Fiona Doran-Smith

The Wellbeing Show is all about helping you to feel good.

Each show will cover a different wellbeing related topic and Fiona will give you 3 tips, play topic related songs and have subject matter experts as guests to give you greater insight into how you can improve your wellbeing and feel good.


  • Sunday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm