Bingo Gravy (4th Sunday)

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The punk explosion in 1976 (thanks Bill Grundy) changed the musical landscape in Britain, and the shockwaves continue to ripple through the nation’s music.

The original punks, epitomised by Sex Pistols, burned fierce and bright, but this first wave of punk was short-lived. Its legacy was not. The rage and nihilism of Sid and Johnny was superceded by a ‘new wave’ of punk and post-punk bands, with bands drawing inspiration from both the DIY ethos and the energy of punk, yet producing more interesting, varied and original music.

The Bingo Gravy Show mines this rich musical seam, plundering the archives like a drunken pirate on the high seas and mixing countless metaphors along the way.

Recent playlists have featured: PiL, Public Service Broadcasting, the Damned, Joanna Gruesome, Magazine, Hookworms, The Fall, Viet Cong, Mogwai, Crushed Beaks, PJ Harvey, Department S, Jah Wobble, Buzzcocks – and even Jilted John…

So turn on (Surrey Hills Radio), tune in (to the Bingo gravy Show) and drop whatever you’re doing.

Everybody sing! Bingo Gravy, Bingo Gravy, yeah yeah I don’t care….



  • Sunday - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm