Be-dazzled by Donya

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  • Motown
  • Musical Theatre
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Be-dazzled by Donya – A couple of hours of feel good tunes – I’ll be playing a mixture of old skool classics, plenty of Motown /Soul and music from other genres too. A few of my favourite artists include Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald.

I’m very much into my Performing Arts so no doubt will be playing songs from various musicals – especially my all time favourite “All That Jazz” from Chicago.

I will be chatting about current plays/shows and anything that inspires me so hope to bedazzle you with my thoughts and observations – whether it’s about a good book, an inspirational person like Muhammad Ali (the Greatest) or current story in the news. Even something I had earlier for breakfast- you never know!

I probably won’t be able to resist throwing in the odd inspirational quote here and there just to bedazzle you a bit more…

Are you prepared to be be-dazzled? Then join me every Tuesday 1-3

I’m happy to play requests or give you a mention on air so feel free to email me at


  • Tuesday - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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