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Conceived in the late 1960’s, fashionable in the 1970’s and ridiculed in the 1980’s, Progressive Rock has had a celebrated and at times dubious history. Numerous radio stations continue to play the classic prog songs of those periods by such bands as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes and King Crimson but none dedicate a complete show to reflecting the best of what today’s artists and bands have to offer. The rise of the internet and decline of the worldwide pop industry allowed niche music to flourish and for the first time in a long time, genuinely innovative artists have finally been able to get their music heard.

The 21st CenturyProg radio show aspires to explore and introduce the listener to the best in contemporary progressive music regardless whether it be jazz, rock, folk, avant garde or some other category as yet unclassified. There is after all only two types of music….good and bad. Here at 21stCenturyProg radio show we strive to bring you prog music from around the world by both established artists and those just starting out. So listen ever Monday night between 9-11pm and judge for yourself, you might just hear something you’ll never forget.

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