Anthony Fairweather, scriptwriter for the Frosted Glass Film

Screen Writer of semi-autobiographical indie film talks to Laura

On the 3rd August the Surrey Hills Radio welcomed Anthony Fairweather to The SEND Show. 

Anthony is a poet and performance artist who has performed internationally on television, radio and on stage as part of major poetry and comedy events. Anthony’s Autobiography was published by Chipmunka and swiftly became one of the mental health publisher’s best-selling works. Spurred by this success, Anthony moved into performance art, blending poetry with elements of stand-up comedy. He went on to win several poetry competitions and was soon a regular contributor to entertainment programmes on Hope FM radio.

Anthony has recently written the screen play to a semi-autobiographical film entitled ‘Frosted Glass’ which explores in gritty detail his experiences of living with Asperger’s and mental ill-health. 

The film’s primary aim is to raise awareness of not only Asperger’s Syndrome but also educate people about mental health issues more generally. No one could explain why this film is so vitally important better than its Writer Anthony who said:

“A quarter of us will have to live with a mental health condition at some point in our lives. The condition I live with is Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s is a form of Autism that has been described as ‘looking at the world through a frosted glass window’; hence the title of our film. One of the inherent problems with conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome is that there can be few discernible physical signs. This is one of the contributory causes to the misunderstanding and stigma people with mental health conditions often face. I have been lucky: I have managed to come through many adversaries and been handed opportunities that many people never receive. There are still many who suffer in silence and feel isolated and alone. I believe that if people are presented with a visual representation of the effect of mental health conditions, they will be able to better understand and support these vulnerable and indeed, extremely valuable members of society.”

As well as chatting about the film and his life Anthony chose some fantastic music too.

If you didn’t manage to catch the show live, we do urge you to try and listen to it again!  Once again our guest has given us an honest and open account of living with a condition like Asperger’s Syndrome. 

For more information about the film you can like the “Frosted Glass” page on Facebook.  You can also follow Anthony on Twitter @AspUrgersMeOn or the film page @FrostedGlsFlm

Listen again:

We have some more amazing guests booked in to talk over the next few weeks. 

  • On the 17th August Alis Rowe, AKA The Girl with the Curly Hair will be joining us live in the studio.  Alis is an amazing young woman who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in her 20’s, she has written numerous books and now shares her experiences all over the world. 
  • On the 7th September we will be joined by Barney Angliss, another adult living with Asperger’s and writer for Special Needs Jungle.

The SEND Show aims to spread knowledge and understanding the many conditions that families are living with.  We will be sharing information about support groups and events so if you have any information you wish to share please do not hesitate to send it to me at