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This is what our lockdown v2 is looking like on the radio.


Friday 27th November

7am – 10am   Mike’s Breakfast Show *Live from Home*

11am – 1pm   EDM Central *Pre-recorded*

2pm – 3pm   In Conversation with*Pre-recorded*

3pm – 5pm   The Cathy & Dave Show *Live from Home*

7pm – 9pm   Club Culture *Live from Home*

9pm – 11pm   Late Night EDM*Pre-recorded*



Saturday 28th November

8am – 11am   Saturday Breakfast Show with Dave *Live from Home*

11am – 1pm   Middle Aged Spread Show *1*

8pm – 10pm   Back to the 80s*Pre-recorded*



Sunday 29th November

8am – 10am   Sunday Morning Breakfast Show *Live from Home*

6pm – 8pm Chris and Company *1*

8pm – 9pm   The Barry Clegg Show *Pre-recorded*



Monday 30th November

7am – 10am   Mike’s Breakfast Show *Live from Home*

10am – 11am   Meet the Presenters*Pre-recorded*

11am – 12noon   Sunny Sessions*Pre-recorded*

7pm – 9pm   The Big Al Show*Pre-recorded*



Tuesday 1st December

7am – 10am   Mike’s Breakfast Show *Live from Home*

5pm – 6pm   Plotuspilarrin*Pre-recorded*

9pm – 11pm   Comfortably Fun *B*



Wednesday 2nd December

7am – 10am   Mike’s Breakfast Show *Live from Home*

10am – 11am   Meet the Presenters*Pre-recorded*

3pm – 5pm   Mrs Blue Sky*Pre-recorded*

5pm – 7pm   Take It Easy *1*

7pm – 9pm   Edventure Show*Pre-recorded*

9pm – 11pm   TRANSMISSION *Live from Home*