Punkified Special: The Toy Dolls

On 6th November 2019 Chris Stagg, presenter of the monthly Punkified Show, met with Michael Algar, ‘Olga’, the founder, singer, songwriter and guitarist of the band The Toy Dolls. To chat about the band and the thoughts and process behind their very well received new album ‘Episode 13’ during a short break in their ongoing, mostly ‘Sold Out’, 40th Anniversary Tour.

The setting was an outside table at a coffee shop on a side street off London’s prestigious Regent Street. But the recording comes through loud and clear!

As a result, their chat, the interview, has been incorporated into a one hour Punkified Special on the band, interspersed with tracks from The Toy Dolls and others related to the interview.

The show can be heard here:

And if you’re very quick there may still be a chance to see the band at their London show next April. But you’d better be quick!

Show playlist:

  1. Lolita No. 18 – Dig That Groove Baby
  2. The Toy Dolls – Previously
  3. The Toy Dolls – Benny The Boxer
  4. The Toy Dolls – El Cumbanchero
  5. The Motors – Dancing The Night Away
  6. The Toy Dolls – Livin’ La Vida Loca
  7. Monkey Mind – Small Man Syndrome
  8. The Toy Dolls – Alec’s Gone
  9. The Scaffold – Lily The Pink
  10. Snuff – Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads
  11. The Toy Dolls – Barry The Roofer
  12. The Toy Dolls – My Girlfriend’s Dad’s A Vicar
  13. The Toy Dolls – Lambrusco Kid
  14. The Dickies ft Olga – Nellie The Elephant
  15. The Toy Dolls – Cheerio & Toodle Pip