Punk Rock Xmas Special 2018

By Chris Stagg

Well it’s that time of year again. Time for the annual tradition that is, or was, the ‘Punk Rock Xmas Special’.

Since it’s inception in December 2014 the one hour show has been broadcast ‘live’ in early December and then repeated in Christmas week, usually on Christmas Day.

This year, with their ever-expanding music collections, presenters Adam Riches and Chris Stagg have extended the show to two hours. And changed the name to, they insist, the rather catchy
title of: ‘Stuff you won’t hear in the shops this Xmas – 2018’.

So get ready, brace yourselves, batten down the hatches, and catch up with the show. It is indeed an eclectic mix of material that you will certainly not hear in the shops this Christmas. A great shame, as you will hear.