The Paceshifters – Camden gig review

Written by Martyn Ohalloran

Presenter of Rock the Block | Fridays 5-7pm


Camden assembly played host to another great group, The Paceshifters, and once again Camden had welcomed another brilliant band.

The Paceshifters magic is brewed from the creative powers of Jesper Albers (DRUMS/VOCALS), Paul Dokman (BASS/VOCALS) and Seb Dokman (GUITAR/VOCALS), one small shot of this potion and you will be hooked.

Its great when a new band wear their influences on their sleeves and the lads wear it proud.

The band hail from the town Wijhe, Netherlands and like many they were influenced by the impact Nirvana made on the music scene. This can be heard in the furious drive of this bands brilliant work and their cover of the nirvana track ‘territorial pissings’ played alongside Frank Lero of ‘My Chemical Romance’.

In January the band released an EP titled ‘Live from Giesound Studio’ which gave the listener a fantastic taster of what the group could deliver to a live audience.
An exciting moment for the band was being nominated for the EDISON AWARD. This is the annual music prize given out for outstanding achievements in music industry, a dutch equivalent of our US GRAMMY AWARD or UK BRIT AWARD.
The band did not win said award but when asked about the outcome they simply said they appreciated being nominated and enjoyed the night. Who knows what the rest of the year may bring for them? Well done guys.

The Paceshifters delivered a great show at the Camden Assembly in what was a very cosy venue above a small bar, which I guess make it an even more intimate experience. After having clearly given the audience all their energy they still had time at the end to chat to fans old and new alike.
Soon after the gig I found myself jumping straight on amazon and getting the album.
I wish them all the luck in the world for these multi-talented musicians and hope to them again in London soon.

You can find the album ‘Waiting To Derail’ on Amazon.