Miranda Seymour tells us the stories of Ada Lovelace and Annabella Millbanke – the unsung women of Byron’s past

By Imogen Bole
Sundays, 12noon – 2pm

This week, I was talking to Miranda Seymour about her latest book, In Byron’s Wake, which examines the lives of two remarkable women related to one of this country’s most revered poets, Lord Byron.

Miranda tells me all about Bryon’s wife, Annabella Millbanke, who is considered a virtuous, pious, and intelligent woman when she first marries Byron, but whose reputation descends into disrepute in the last ten years of her life.

We also hear about Byron’s genius daughter, Ada Lovelace. Despite having a Romantic poet for a father, Ada finds her academic passions to be mathematics and computing. Despite her sickly childhood and her untimely death, Ada still managed to make formidable strides in the field, her talent being recognised by the likes of Charles Babbage and Alan Turing.

We discuss what Ada might mean for young girls growing up today with aspirations of entering into careers in science and how she has (or should) become an idol, inspiration, and pioneer in women’s contribution to technology.

These women are truly remarkable – I can see why Miranda was so drawn to them.

To find out more about Miranda, visit: www.mirandaseymour.com

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