Children’s spy book author, Susan Moore talks all things books with Imogen

By Imogen Bole
Sundays, 12noon – 2pm

This week, I was joined by the superstar children’s author, Susan Moore, who told me all about her kick-ass spy books, the Nat Walker Trilogy: Crimson Poison, Emerald Secret, Indigo Island (with a recommended reading age 9 and over). The books are set in the near future and tell the story of Nat, an orphan, who is the heiress of a gaming empire, but who must battle a swarm of menacing forces who seek to steal her fortune.

Susan and I discussed the prominence of technology in her books and were the influence for that came from – Susan has even worked on the SkyWalker Ranch! We also talked about its importance, as women are hugely underrepresented in the technology industries and perhaps one of the reasons is a lack of role models for young girls, informing gender stereotypes from a young age.

We discussed the role of ‘The Orphan’ and how they always seemed to make intriguing and successful spies/adventure characters – think, James Bond, Harry Potter, The Baudelaire Children, I could go on…. What’s more, we talked about the importance of a female protagonist (aside from tech aspects) and what made her decide upon having a heroine blaze the trail.

We segued into talking about writing more generally and whether Susan had always wanted to be a writer, whether children’s literature was an area of writing she had ever wanted to move out of.

Susan Moore on the web: