Children’s author Ally Sherrick makes guest appearance on the premier ‘Arts Show’

By Imogen Bole
The Arts Show, Sundays 12noon – 2pm

I spoke with the children’s author, Ally Sherrick, this week in light of the publication of her new book, ‘The Buried Crown’. We spoke about the importance of history in her novels and how her university studies have had an impact on her stories. We delved into how much research goes into her books, as they are based in real historic periods of history.

We then discussed where her inspiration comes from and how she develops those initial springs of creativity. Later on, we covered Ally’s relationship with literature as an adult and the stories she read/was read growing up.

Lastly, she talked me through the process behind her decision to become and author and the steps she took to get to holding her debut novel, ‘Black Powder’, and becoming a published author. So, whether you read children’s fiction, whether you know a small human who does, or you are a budding author yourself, this is an interview you need to be tuning into.

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