Channel 4’s Hunted Star in the Studio

On 18th October, the Sunday Breakfast show were lucky enough to be joined in the studio by Emily Dredge, one of the four winners of channel 4’s hit show Hunted.

Hunted is a TV show and social experiment that looked into how easy it is to become a fugitive in the UK. In the modern age of social media, technology and CCTV on every corner, the show looked at how easy it is to disappear completely under the radar. Hunted was a challenging experience for all of it’s 14 contestants, with 10 of the fugitives being captured before the experiment was over. Their challenge was to go on the run for 28 days, leaving everything in their lives behind them. Amongst the obstacle of the British weather, the fugitives had to overcome extreme paranoia, loneliness and even boredom. There was a team of 30 expert hunters tracking down the fugitives, with experience from the police force, military and professional intelligence backgrounds. The team was fronted by Brett Lovegrove, former head of counter-terrorism in the City of London who had every intention of capturing all of the fugitives.

Surrey Hills Radio had their very own involvement with the investigation when on 31st May, the Sunday Breakfast show received a phone call from Hunter HQ looking for a fugitive. At this point in the experiment, they had reason to believe that they may be in Surrey so were asking for any information the listeners may have had and offering a £250 reward.

Emily started out on the run with best friend Lauren English, but after two weeks they went their separate ways. Travelling across the country by hitch-hiking over 1,400 miles, Emily managed to always keep on the move and successfully remained under the radar for the full 28 days. With the biggest obstacle for Emily having to be away from her 2 year old son – isolation and separation from her life at home was extremely difficult. Out of all the 14 fugitives, Emily was by far the luckiest, with her erratic choices and random route diversions, she always managed to narrowly evade capture. She risked the whole experiment and against all the odds managed to go home and see her son – and was extremely lucky to not get caught!

Sunday Morning Breakfast DJ Daniel Joyce who has known Emily since being at Primary school together, asked her about every aspect of her time on the run. Dishing some of the dirt on how she managed to evade capture and overcome the emotional and mental challenges, the interview covered both the ups and the downs of her experience.

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