Celebrating LGBT History Month on Connecting Surrey

On the 8th Feb 2019 the Connecting Surrey show started its month long observation of LGBT History Month. Observed in February each year, is a chance to end invisibility and celebrate the lives and achievements of the diverse LGBT community.

Carmel and her Mum Kim came and talk to us about their journey and how as a family they supported each other through Carmel’s transition. Carmel was a fabulous guest and described her journey from a teenager to the present day and how hard the journey has been and how her life is now. She has been a victim of Hate Incidents and Crime and targeted because of her transgender identity.

Carmel spoke with such passion, clarity and kindness about the issues that affect her and how with the Support of her family and Surrey Police have been able to deal with this complicated and difficult issues of hostility and violence.

There was some fabulous music, lots of laughing, a few tears, some cake and chocolate eaten.
The feedback from people listening to the show was amazing and Carmel certainly inspired people to ask for help and not feel that they were alone with their feelings.


Listen again: