A catch up with Star Wars-themed metal band, Galactic Empire

Interview by Martyn Ohalloran
Rock the Block presenter

On a chilly Wednesday night (Wednesday 1st February 2017) yours truly found himself outside the O2 Academy Islington, north London waiting to interview a band called Galactic Empire on behalf of surrey hills radio. Armed with a few questions and a brand new voice recorder I was ready to be blown away by a night of awesome geek metal madness.

After being shown through to the backstage area (rock royalty) I got some one on one time with Dark Vader himself (Chris) and after resisting the dark side I got down to the interrogation . . . I mean interview.

The idea of a star wars metal band began in a little studio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after a video of bobba sett playing drums to the classic imperial march theme got thousands of hits on youtube. From there the guys decided to just do the rest of the John Williams classic score with a very metal twist. By picking through and dissecting every part of the soundtrack they managed to excite Star Wars metal rock fans everywhere. Videos soon followed on youtube and a tour was inevitable. We were very much agreed that star wars is awesome (less said about the pre-quels) and the saga is looking very exciting as it continues to capture a new age of fans, something that galactic empire is certainly looking to be a part of. Despite being the dark lord of the sith, Dark Vader told me about his uncomfortable costume.

Whereas the rest of the band have managed to adapt the costume to keep somewhat more comfortable the dark lord has to rely on the force to keep cool in his suit,  a challenge his looking forward to. Although the band haven’t quite had their spinal tap moment (this one goes to 11?), they have certainly had some strange offers of places to play, a zoo? The band is very ambitious and look forward to just seeing what they can do with this great concept and enjoying the ride.

Soon I was standing in front of an awesome five piece metal band, wearing my Galactic Empire t-shirt, with the Dark Lord Vader shredding guitar and an epic light show as accompaniment.

The band were far beyond what I was expecting and put on a great show that I think the crowd agreed was awesome. I’ll be ready to catch them when they return to the UK.

Listen to the full interview including some of the tracks from their debut album titled Galactic Empire:

The force was certainly strong with this one.

More info on the band: