Award winning Curly Hair Project entrepreneur talks Asperger’s and Weightlifting

On the 17th August the Surrey Hills Radio welcomed Alis Rowe to the SEND Show. 

Alis is 27 years old and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when she was 22. After struggling to find relateable, uplifting material for – and about – adult women with ASD, Alis decided to create her own. She also set up a social enterprise, called The Curly Hair Project, in 2013 which is now an award winning organisation known worldwide. Alis is also a successful and popular author and her books have been endorsed by leading clinical psychologist, Professor Tony Attwood.

Alis says, “Amongst the many dreams of mine, I really want to drive social change and ultimately make life more pleasant for females with ASD – and I do this through the girl with the curly hair. I am well known in my field and have been granted numerous awards for being a successful young entrepreneur.”

Alis gave an amazing interview which gave a honest and open insight into what it is like to live with Asperger’s Syndrome.  She also talked about her hobby – Olympic Weightlifting which Laura was most excited about!! 

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On the 7th September we will be joined by Barney Angliss, another adult living with Asperger’s and writer for Special Needs Jungle.  On the 21st September Rudy Sellar will be joining us to chat music and autism too.

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