The Metal Show (1st/3rd Tuesdays) | The Altar of Rock (2nd/4th Tuesdays)

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Andy presents ‘The Metal Show’

Andy is a long term metal fan who has played in bands since his teens, touring the country and building a network of musicians and friends along the way. He’s supported a vast variety of metal and hard rock bands over the past 20 years, attending gigs in the South East and the Midlands, when not performing his own music.

The metal show aims to showcase the best of classic and modern metal every fortnight, including the best of new releases and interviews with bands who are very much keeping the scene alive.

1st/3rd Tuesdays, 9-11pm




Christian and Julian present ‘The Altar of Rock

Christian and Julian are passionate devotees of music since they were kids, devouring music biographies while exploring back catalogues of everything from Led Zeppelin to The Pixies to Hip Hop, Elton John and more. The Alter of Rock aims to celebrate the past masters whilst proving that Rock is still very much alive and well, playing new music while exploring where that music might have come from.

Every fortnight Christian and Julian explores a musical theme for a section of the show, discusses your ‘3 of the best’ and plays a request of the week.

2nd/4th Tuesdays, 9-11pm


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