Work Experience Week 2018 – How did they get on…!?

Need to organise your Work Experience placement for next year? Want to have an opportunity that your mates can only dream of?

Try live radio at Surrey Hills Community Radio!

Read below what our work experience students from July 2018 said about their week.


Jess’s thoughts of the week:

This is a great work experience to have as it let me do individual and group work to get experience of the radio and to have independence and trust in organising and presenting one individual 1 hour show and a group 2 hour show independently.

Throughout they gave great advice on what to do and how to use it and told us techniques as we were making adverts etc. This gave me more confidence in public speaking and working independently. Apply for work experience here… You won’t be disappointed!

Izzy’s thoughts of the week:

I found this work experience incredible! The volunteers which run our work experience are extremely friendly and they gave us loads of fun activities to do throughout the week as you can see above. The first interview on Monday I was excited for going onto radio, but I was also extremely nervous and started to ramble about random stuff.

However, throughout the week, I gained my “radio voice” and became more confident within myself about going onto the radio. Creating the ads was fun as we were able to create stuff individually and then record our own voices to go onto the radio; we then heard the ads whilst listening to the radio!

On Wednesday I was nervous for my individual show and I didn’t know what to talk about, however when I went live it came naturally and was really fun. When it came to Thursday, we had a lot of fun transferring our ads onto the radio and planning for our show. The final day we had our 2-hour group show and it was a laugh. The week was so fun and I 100% recommend it to anyone who’s interested in going into radio.

Anya’s thoughts of the week:

Starting this week, I was very nervous, going into a new place with new people and new scary things (especially as its live) however the volunteers were very kind and genuine and gave great advise and were very patient with us when learning the tech stuff. we very quickly became comfortable with each other as the volunteers gave us a few fun games to start off with which were fun and definitely broke the ice.

Each day we were thrown in the deep end which I loved because it made us really go for it and get our confidence straight away. on the first day we were put on the radio with Dave in an interview style show. we worked in pairs so there was a lot less pressure on each of us.

On the second day we created our own ads for our big two hour shows on Friday, just like the rest of the week we were all able to do it how we wanted, and it made it very fun! The last day was my favourite I think because our show was completely ours as we had our own topics and were trusted to make decisions and make mistakes. I would 100% recommend.

James’ thoughts of the week:

I really liked working at a radio station because it was fun. Also, I met new people who were nice and could have fun with. I love piecing my own radio show together and playing my own songs on the radio which were bangers. I would highly recommend it and it’s so much fun!

Henry’s thoughts of the week:

Personally I found the work experience placement to be incredible. Starting the week, I didn’t really know what to anticipate, or what I was going to be faced with, however upon spending less than 30 minutes in the studio and environment I was completely at ease.

I loved picking the music out and planning a show, as well as creating the soundbites, and various adverts. Overall the whole week flew by and was highly enjoyable. Fun experience with fun people. I would 100 percent recommend.

Alex’s thoughts of the week:

It’s been a great week. I’ve been able to learn about how radio works and the amount of work that is involved, I really enjoyed going on the radio as I go to play my favourite music.

The radio station would like to thank Therfield School, Howard of Effingham School, Glyn School, The Ashcombe School, Brooklands College and the parents of the students that supported them in this placement. Having the backing of the parents and schools really helps volunteers like ourselves also enjoy the week.